Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Self-Pub Progress Report #5

I'm happy to report that we're in the home stretch: I've uploaded the manuscript, and Matt Erkhart is hoping to have the cover all spiffed up in the next couple of days.  When that's done, I have to order a "proof", which is a sample of the book I can look over to make sure everything comes out right when it comes off the printing press.  This is a necessary step that can't be skipped, and it'll add a little more delay since the proof has to be mailed to me (though I plan on asking for express shipping!).  Once I approve it, CreateSpace should have it up for purchase within 3-5 days.  So while that means it won't be available until December, y'all should have ample time to order it before Christmas.

Speaking of holiday shopping, Matt will be a guest at the Holiday Edition of the Ottawa Comiccon this very weekend (November 26-27)!  If you're at the show, be sure to stop by and say hello, and feel free to spend all your money at his table.  Learn more about the event at

Swords & Sixguns: An Outlaw's Tale is almost here, folks, so start clearing a spot on your bookshelf!

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