Swords & Sixguns

For those who are interested in actually paying for something I wrote instead of all the freebies I've been cranking out for years, Swords & Sixguns is the umbrella title for the series of novels I've been working on in one form or another since 1994.  The manuscript for the first novel has been finished for quite some time, and after being let go by two different publishers within a two-year span, I finally decided to buckle down and go with self-publishing in 2016.  It took a darn long time to get my work out there, but I'm happy to say that the first novel in the series, Swords & Sixguns: An Outlaw's Tale, is now available for purchase.

The paperback edition can be ordered through CreateSpace for $15.00, and to be honest, it's the method I prefer, as it guarantees me the biggest royalty.  For every copy sold through CreateSpace, I earn $7.00, whereas an Amazon sale only nets me $4.00, and all other venues only pay me $1.00.  So if you're into helping out small business owners, buy the paperback through CreateSpace.

 If you prefer to read your books in a digital format, you can also buy a Kindle version for $6.00.  And if you do happen to buy the regular paperback through Amazon, it's part of the Kindle Matchbook program, which enables you to buy the Kindle version for only 99 cents.

To see any other blog posts that pertain to Swords & Sixguns, this link should give you the full list of 'em.  You can also go directly to a preview of Chapter 2 that I posted in September 2012 -- there have been some minor edits since then, but overall this is what you'll see on the page when you read the novel.  And for those of you who do the Facebook thing, there's an official Swords and Sixguns page...jump on the bandwagon early and go give it a like.


  1. Your interview on Media Litter Sandwich is up :) www.MediaLitterSandwich.com/48

    1. Thanks! I'd been meaning to contact you to see when you'd be posting it.